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Concerned about your cognitive health?

Health problems have a way of sneaking up on us. Usually it happens because these problems don’t start out as major red flags. Instead, they begin much smaller. You forget one person’s name, or have a harder time than usual concentrating on your work one day.

You don’t dwell on those things, because they aren’t a big deal. Until it happens again. And again. And you start to notice a pattern. More and more, you’re experiencing...

• Brain fog and slow mental processing.
• Trouble concentrating or motivating yourself to get things done.
• Feelings of disorientation or confusion.
• Difficulty remembering things, whether it’s recalling old information or retaining new information.

You have these experiences often enough that you’re starting to feel anxious about your current (or future) cognitive health. But how do you know when your cognitive challenges become serious problems? And what can you do, right now, to get your brain back on track?

Get help and get back on track

You don’t have to wait around, fearing your cognitive issues will escalate from inconvenient to debilitating. You can take control of your cognitive health, optimize your brain, and live the full life you deserve to live. 

Best of all, you don’t have to navigate your brain health journey alone. In fact, you can get personalized, 1:1 care tailored to your health history, specific challenges, and cognitive goals. Care from a team of experienced medical professionals, who combine the best of cognitive science with proven holistic techniques to boost your brain and revolutionize how you approach your cognitive well-being.

And you can experience this cognitive revolution in just six months.

My RBI Cognitive Journey: Your journey to
optimal cognitive health

My RBI Cognitive Journey is a six-month, in-depth individual cognitive healthcare program, customized to your specific needs. We’ll take the time to learn about your personal cognitive concerns, then apply our holistic, integrated approach to guide you on your journey to optimal cognitive health.

At each phase, you’ll discover how your environment and habits affect your cognitive health, discuss your personal goals, and do specific exercises designed to improve your overall cognitive health.


Learn about the physical, mental, environmental, and social factors that affect your cognitive health, from our team of experienced medical professionals


Talk with RBI about your current habits and your areas of cognitive health concern, so we can personalize your healthcare journey to meet your specific needs and goals


Take specific actions to improve your cognitive health, backed by brain science and proven holistic techniques


My RBI Cognitive Journey follows six key principles of establishing optimal brain health: Sleeping Well, Eating Well, Staying Active, Embracing Stress, Discovering Purpose, and Connecting Deeply. Each step of My RBI Cognitive Journey builds upon the previous steps, until you have the most complete and accurate picture of your cognitive health. Our holistic approach will be guided by an early discovery process, which includes blood work, cognitive profiles, and in some cases, Neuroimaging such as MRI scans.

My RBI Cognitive Journey was also designed to be customized for the individual needs of each person we care for. So while every step is a crucial part of optimizing your brain, you may spend longer working on some steps than others. For example, if you don’t have any trouble getting quality sleep, but you have a hard time managing your stress, we’ll adjust your healthcare experience to reflect that.

Ready to see what six months of customized care can do for your cognitive health?

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The journey begins... Establishing your cognitive health baseline

So, what will your experience with My RBI Cognitive Journey look like?

In order to take the first step on your cognitive health journey, we have to start by learning where your path begins. 

During your initial 1:1 meeting with RBI, we’ll discuss your cognitive health challenges and goals and outline our integrated, holistic approach to helping you optimize your brain health and start living your fullest life.

As we establish your cognitive health baseline, you will...


• RBI’s six-pillar approach to holistic, integrated cognitive health 

• Common cognitive health challenges and their impact on your life


• Your motivations for seeking cognitive healthcare help

• Your current cognitive health challenges and your goals for the future


• Basic health check, including blood work and lab test
 • Baseline cognitive assessment
• Journaling to track your journey
• Neuroimaging such as MRI, if needed

After we understand where you are now, we can begin
moving forward together

Step 1: Sleep Well

Optimal sleep is one of the single most effective tools for improving overall cognitive health. That’s why the first step on your journey focuses on improving the quality of your sleep.

In step one, you will...


• How sleep affects your body and mind

• The difference between sleeping more and sleeping better


• Your personal history with sleep

• Your current sleep habits

• Your sleep goals


• Sleep tracking

• Conscious breathing techniques


What better sleep means for your cognitive health

After moving through step one of My RBI Cognitive Journey

• You will understand your current sleep habits, so you know what’s working and what isn’t
• You will have a concrete system for keeping track of your sleep patterns, so you can easily
make adjustments to optimize your sleep

• You won’t just sleep more, you’ll sleep better, and wake feeling refreshed and alert (and your brain will, too)

Step 2: Eat Well

Once you’re sleeping well, it’s time to start eating well. Your cognitive health and your physical health are linked, so the next step on your journey focuses on improving your nutrition.

In step two, you will...


• How nutrition plays a part in cognition
• The nutrition your brain needs to function optimally
• Specific foods and nutrition habits to improve brain function


• Your personal history with nutrition

• Your current eating habits

• Your nutrition goals



• Consultation with a dietitian/ nutritionist

• Nutrition tracking

• Gut microbiome analysis


What better nutrition means for your cognitive health

After moving through step two of My RBI Cognitive Journey

You will understand how nutrition influences your cognitive health, and how you can adjust your eating habits to optimize your brain
• You will have a system for tracking your nutrition, so you can note how changing your eating habits affects your cognition
• Your physical fitness, mental acuity, and sense of self-esteem will improve

Step 3: Stay Active

Continue to strengthen your brain and body by staying active. You’ll take the next step literally as you start to get moving.

In step three, you will...


• The link between physical and cognitive fitness
• The negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle
• How to scale your activity level to fit both your physical and cognitive health needs


• Your personal history with exercise
• Your current activity level and exercise habits
• Your goals for physical fitness and staying active


• Optional consultation with fitness trainer

• Step tracking


What staying active means for your cognitive health

• You will understand how movement affects your brain, and why staying active benefits both your physical and cognitive health
• You will have a system for tracking your steps, so you can keep tabs on your activity level
• Your physical fitness, strength, and overall energy level will increase, leaving a lasting positive impact on your overall cognitive health

Step 4: Embrace Stress

After addressing your physical well-being, we move on to your mental and emotional well-being, starting by tackling one of the biggest challenges in our lives: stress.

In step four, you will...


• How your mental and emotional state affects cognitive health

• The negative effects stress has on cognition

• Which of your cognitive challenges may be a result of stress


• Your personal history dealing with stress
• Your current stress levels and stress management techniques
• Your goals for stress management and developing an antifragility and growth mindset


• Meditation

• Gratitude journaling

• Conscious breathing

• Optional Heart Rate Variability (HRV) training

What embracing stress means for your cognitive health

After moving through step four of My RBI Cognitive Journey

• You will understand how stress affects your cognitive function
• You will have multiple methods and techniques to help you manage your stress level and alleviate the physical and mental side effects of stress
• Your levels of stress, fear, and anxiety will decrease, in turn increasing your concentration and productivity

Step 5: Discover Purpose

In the penultimate step, you’ll reframe your cognitive challenges as an opportunity for growth and self-acceptance, rather than a roadblock holding you back.

In step five, you will…


 Your current mindset and outlook regarding your  cognitive challenges

 The role of spirituality in healing


• How mindset influences your cognitive health and overall well-being
• How embracing your wholeness of spirit allows you to move forward

 Your higher goals for life and how to achieve them


• Mindset adjustment

• Journaling

• Spirituality discussion

What discovering purpose means for your cognitive health

 After moving through step five of My RBI Cognitive Journey…

• You will understand how your mindset plays an important role in your cognitive function and overall wellness

• You will embrace the purpose of your cognitive challenges as an opportunity for personal growth, rather than a barrier preventing you from living a full life

• You will accept your wholeness of spirit, and feel more content and at peace with your life’s path

Step 6: Connect Deeply

Finally, we recognize the communal power of healing. People who regularly socialize in groups improve their happiness, quality of life, and brain health.

In step six, you will...


• The effect of community on brain health
• How group activities influence aspects of cognition like productivity


• Your current social activity and role in the community

• Your goals for connecting with others


• Group activity

• Journaling


What connecting deeply means for your cognitive health

After moving through step six of My RBI Cognitive Journey

• You will understand how social connection and the power of community impact your brain’s health and key aspects of cognition
• You will have a new community of your choosing to participate in
• You will benefit from an increased sense of belonging and purpose, and see an increase in your motivation and productivity

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Is My RBI Cognitive Journey right for me?

If you’re not looking to fully revolutionize your cognitive health with six months of personalized 1:1 care, a different RBI service might be better for you.

But if you want to...

• Receive 1:1 care from an experienced medical professional
• Track your cognitive health for at least six months
• Use a combination of proven medical and day-to-day holistic techniques to improve your cognition
• Optimize your brain so you can start living your fullest life

...get in touch with RBI today. You deserve better brain health, and we want to guide you on the journey to unlock it.

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About Rizvi Brain Institute

The Rizvi Brain Institute is a family-run clinic of expert healthcare professionals dedicated to reversing cognitive decline and helping people attain optimal cognitive performance. Our doctors are Neurology board certified, as well as certified in Integrative Medicine and Integrative Nutrition. By merging medical expertise, principles of holistic wellness, and a commitment to compassionate care, we help people improve their cognitive health—and their lives—through personalized treatment plans.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join My RBI Cognitive Journey?

Anyone concerned about their cognitive health is welcome to join My RBI Cognitive Journey, although the program is intended for individuals with existing cognitive health challenges looking to make a significant commitment to improving their brain function and lifestyle.

How much does My RBI Cognitive Journey cost? Do you accept insurance?

Schedule a call with us to find out how RBI can work with you to optimize your brain function. We're available to speak with you and provide detailed information tailored to you.

Where is RBI located? Do I need to travel for appointments?

RBI is a fully virtual clinic, which helps us serve a broader range of people on their cognitive health journeys. All appointments take place via video conference call for your convenience.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions about My RBI Cognitive Journey, RBI’s approach to cognitive health, or our other services, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

Six months can radically change your brain —
and your life

You deserve to live your fullest life, and you can’t do that when you’re concerned about your cognitive health. So, are you ready to optimize your brain, and optimize your life along with it?

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