Building a brain institute for compassionate cognitive care

Hi, we’re the Rizvi Brain Institute (RBI), a family-run clinic of expert healthcare professionals dedicated to reversing cognitive decline and helping people attain optimal cognitive performance.

Our team of MDs have nearly 50 combined years of experience in both traditional and alternative modalities, which allows us to take an integrated approach to cognitive health. We had previously envisioned starting a family clinic, but it wasn’t until the loss of our visionary father, Shakeel Rizvi, that we were guided to finally turn our dream into a reality.

As we launched our clinic, we knew we wanted to address a serious problem in the healthcare industry: the tendency for medical professionals to start seeing their patients as the sum of their problems, rather than the sum of what makes them whole and unique people. 

That’s why we take such a personal approach to cognitive healthcare at RBI. We get to know not just our patients’ medical histories, but their hobbies, backgrounds, and things they truly care about. We incorporate spirituality into our practice, because we know the healing journey is a journey of self-realization, which doesn’t simply end with “fixing” a patient’s chief complaint. And above all, we work to lift the superficial veil that prevents a person from seeing their own magnificence and living their fullest life.

By merging medical expertise with principles of holistic wellness, RBI creates complete and personalized treatment plans for individuals concerned with their cognitive health. Our innovative, multi-faceted approach focuses on improving your overall psychological well-being while addressing the five core domains of cognition (Attention/Focus, Memory, Language, Processing Speed, and Executive Function). Through lifestyle optimization and proven cognitive tools, we can help you slow or even reverse cognitive decline, improving your memory, concentration, recall and retention, and more.

We believe healing happens when we take the time to hear someone’s story. So if you’re ready to start optimizing your lifestyle and improving your cognitive health, reach out to us today to share your brain health journey.

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Meet the RBI Family

Adam Rizvi

Dr. Adam Rizvi is a board certified Neurologist with more than 9 years of diverse experience. After completing his medical degree with honors at St. George's University, he completed his neurology residency at the University of Minnesota and a Neurocritical Care fellowship at Stanford. He is currently the Neuro ICU director at Carondelet St. Joseph's hospital and a member of the Windbridge Research Center clinical advisory board.

Dr. Adam's passion lies in helping people find their unique path to optimum health. In particular, he combines his neurology expertise with an emphasis on spiritual and philosophical teachings to help his patients see themselves as whole and perfect.

"Healing is ultimately about becoming whole, or more accurately, remembering we were always whole to begin with.” - Dr. Adam Rizvi

Nadia Rizvi

Dr. Nadia Rizvi has worked as an Internal Medicine physician for the past 9 years. After completing her medical degree at Dow University of Health Sciences, she completed her residency from the University of Illinois. She is also certified in Integrative Nutrition and Dr. Bredeson’s ReCODE–Reversal of Cognitive Decline–protocol.

Dr. Nadia realized early in her career that our healthcare hardships are all unique, and helping to optimize cognition can invigorate both our minds and our bodies. She aims to educate her patients on ways to help enhance emotional and physical well-being through an integrative nutritious diet, eliminating heavy metal and chemical exposure, and incorporating mindfulness and spirituality into their lives.

“The way we perceive and create our world is a direct reflection of who we are within.”  - Dr. Nadia Rizvi

Monique Rizvi

Dr. Monique Rizvi has practiced as an Internal Medicine physician for over 21 years, and served as a Registered Nurse for two decades prior in both her native France and the US. Since finding her passion in Integrative Medicine, she completed her Fellowship at the University of Arizona.

Having volunteered as a physician in third world countries, Dr. Monique developed a great sense of compassion for those in need. She discovered that establishing a trusting relationship with her patients, built on kindness and honesty, opens the door for true healing. Dr. Monique aims to teach her patients how to create a healthier lifestyle, granting them clarity and understanding of their symptoms and opening their lives to new possibilities by optimizing their brain health.

We’re revolutionizing cognitive healthcare on six fronts

At RBI, we pride ourselves on our innovative approach to cognitive healthcare. By focusing on six key areas, we work with you to improve your cognitive function and overall well-being. We’re working every day to go beyond conventional medical practice to explore a more accurate, integrated approach to managing brain health. 

Here’s what the RBI method means for your life.

Sleep Well

We are how we rest

We've all experienced the power of a good night's rest... and the weight of a sleepless night. But it's not just a matter of sleeping more—it's a matter of improving the quality of our sleep. People who optimize their sleep tap into one of the single most effective tools for improving overall cognitive health.

Stay Active

We are what we do

Our physical health plays an important part in our cognitive health. The human body was designed to be active, but modern society has led to a more sedentary lifestyle for many of us. People who increase their daily movement create a lasting positive impact on their physical & cognitive health.

Eat Well

We are what we eat

Diet culture might tell you that eating healthy is all about calorie-counting, but true nutrition is more than that. Our bodies—and brains—need us to ingest certain compounds to function at their best. People who eat right for their bodies not only increase their physical fitness and strength, but their self-image.

Embrace Stress

We are what we think

We may not be able to control everything that happens in our life, but we can control how we respond to it. People who learn to change their stress responses report lower levels of anxiety and fewer issues focusing on important tasks.

Discover Purpose

We are what we believe in

When we see cognitive challenges as a doorway to step through, rather than a barrier holding us back, we can find the strength of spirit to live our fullest lives. People who view the purpose of their cognitive challenges as an opportunity for growth are typically more content with their lives and more resilient in the face of ongoing changes.

Connect Deeply

We are who we relate to

At the end of the day, humans are social creatures. Our overall happiness and quality of life vastly improve when we consider ourselves part of a community. People who regularly take part in group activities have a greater sense of belonging, which directly impacts their productivity and cognition.

The RBI Promise

When it comes to cognitive health, RBI puts people first. We promise to treat every patient with openness, compassion,
and understanding as we guide them along their cognitive health journey.


We will foster an environment of trust, where people can express their thoughts,  feelings, and concerns openly and without judgement.


We will use our medical expertise and holistic methods to approach each person with the compassionate care they deserve.


We will work to identify and address the causes of your health challenge while providing you with the personalized tools you need to lead a happy, more fulfilled life.

Let us guide you on your cognitive health journey

We know healthcare hardship transforms people. It leaves you stressed and anxious, afraid of what you might lose, and unsure of who to turn to for help. But you don’t have to go through life constantly worried about your brain health, and you don’t have to embark on your cognitive health journey alone. At RBI, we’re ready to walk the path with you, because we know how compassionate healthcare transforms lives for the betterIt’s time to stop worrying about the future of your cognitive health and start living your fullest life today.

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