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Choose the path that best fits your cognitive health journey to start optimizing your brain and your life today.

My RBI Cognitive Journey
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You deserve a better brain

You’ve been struggling with yourself (and your brain) for a while now. 

Memory problems, brain fog, executive dysfunction like difficulty organizing and planning. Maybe it’s trouble concentrating, or a sluggish feeling that makes your every thought and action slower. But whatever is happening inside your head, you know it’s holding you back.

You know you’re ready for things to change. And you know you want to start being able to rely on your own brain again.

Transform your cognitive health today

You don’t have to suffer through the challenges of cognitive impairment, and you don’t have to settle for a brain that isn’t functioning at its best. 

With the right help, you can go from…

Foggy brain and slow processing to mental clarity and efficient processing

• Low motivation and trouble concentrating to focused and productive

Difficulty remembering things to strong recall and retention

Anxious about your cognitive health to confident in your cognitive abilities

And the best part? You don’t have to navigate your journey to optimal brain health alone. At RBI, we’re ready to walk the path with you.

Two choices to optimize your brain health

We’ve combined our decades of medical expertise in Neurology, Integrative Nutrition, and Internal Medicine with proven holistic methods to create an innovative approach to improving overall cognitive health.

Whether you’re looking for an individually customized cognitive healthcare program to promote radical change in your cognitive function, or just a series of simple shifts you can make on your own to boost your brain, RBI has the tools you need to start optimizing your brain and your life today.

My RBI Cognitive Journey

My RBI Cognitive Journey is a six-month, in-depth cognitive healthcare program, customized to your individual cognitive challenges and brain health goals. During My RBI Cognitive Journey, you will complete both basic health and cognitive fitness assessments, obtain detailed lab work and brain imaging if necessary, followed by a custom tailored treatment program based on  proven holistic healing methods. An RBI doctor will guide you 1:1 through your cognitive health journey as you make a series of integrated lifestyle changes to radically improve your brain health.

Is My RBI Cognitive Journey right for me?

My RBI Cognitive Journey  is the right choice for your cognitive health if…
• You have specific cognitive challenges or health concerns you want to address 1:1 with an experienced medical professional
• You’re looking for a concrete action plan that will integrate all aspects of your life to support your cognitive healing journey
• You’re ready to make a serious commitment to radically improving your cognitive health

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NeuroFlow Foundations

NeuroFlow Foundations is a subscription-based service that provides you with RBI’s specific tips and tricks to improve your ongoing cognitive health, without the need for a consultation with a physician or a commitment to a long-term care program. We send you practical methods and exercises to improve your brain function directly to your inbox in the form of exclusive articles, videos, how-to guides, and more.

Is NeuroFlow Foundations right for me?

NeuroFlow Foundations is the right choice for your cognitive health if…
• You don’t have the time or resources to commit to an ongoing cognitive healthcare program at the moment, but still want to take action to support your brain health
• You’re looking for the most convenient, flexible way to optimize your brain one step at a time
• You’re ready to make small changes that have a big impact on your long-term cognitive abilities

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Still not sure what’s best for your cognitive health?

Get in touch with us to discuss your specific cognitive healthcare needs, and we’ll help you choose the program that best fits your current cognitive health journey.

Why cognitive health matters

Our cognitive health heavily influences how we engage with the world and live our everyday lives. It affects our relationships, our work, our independence, and so much more. That’s why helping people optimize their brain function is so important to us. It’s not just a matter of improving one part of your overall health, but a matter of improving your life. We want to guide everyone to live their fullest life, free from the burdens of cognitive challenges and the stress of worrying about their brain health.

Our holistic approach to optimizing lives, one brain at a time

So, how does RBI optimize lives by improving brain health?

Our integrated approach focuses on combining neurological science with the best holistic healing modalities. We believe that health hardships aren’t a result of any one problem, but a culmination of a number of different interrelated factors. By turning our attention to each of these factors, we can help people make the biggest strides forward on their individual paths to healing. Both My RBI Cognitive Journey and NeuroFlow Foundations draw on six pillars of wellness to optimize brain function and directly improve people’s everyday lives.

Sleep Well

People who sleep better—not just more—have improved mental clarity and ability to manage daily tasks.

Stay Active

People who increase their daily movement have more energy and see a lasting positive impact on their cognitive health.

Eat Well

People who eat right for their bodies increase their physical fitness and strength, as well as their self-image.

Embrace Stress

People who learn to change their stress responses report lower levels of anxiety and fewer issues focusing on important tasks.

Discover Purpose

People who view the purpose of their cognitive challenges as a growth opportunity are typically more content with their lives.

Connect Deeply

People who take part in group activities have a greater sense of belonging, which directly impacts productivity and cognition.

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Transform your cognitive health your way

Choose the path that best fits your cognitive health journey to start optimizing your brain and your life today.

My RBI Cognitive Journey
NeuroFlow Foundations

Improving your cognitive health starts today

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