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Ask RBI: What’s Holding Me Back From Healing?

Dec 27, 2022

When facing a health setback, sometimes our biggest challenge is fighting our own beliefs. Here’s how to identify and overcome subconscious blocks to healing.

We all want to feel like ourselves, and to live the best versions of our lives. So, when we encounter a health setback that alters our planned course, it’s easy to let fear, doubt, and uncertainty seep in. You want to get back to the person you were before… but how?

You can start by doing your research. You may consult with medical professionals, learn to understand your health, and begin to make important lifestyle changes. 

But sometimes, these actions just don’t feel like enough.

Many people who face a health challenge find themselves thinking, Why can’t I just get better? So today, let’s take a look at what could be holding you back from healing - and how to stop seeing health challenges as roadblocks, and start seeing them as doors of opportunity.

Our subconscious and healing

Dealing with a health challenge can sometimes feel like you’re at war with yourself. In fact, we often use combative language to describe illness - saying we’re “fighting a cold” or mentioning someone’s “battle with cancer.” 

But when we face a setback to our health, it’s not just the disease or disorder we find ourselves up against. We’re also battling something even more powerful: ourselves.

Examining our inner beliefs

Have you ever heard the expression, “We are what we believe we are”? It’s true - our beliefs shape us every day, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and even physically. 

While the traditional Western approach to healing relies heavily on medicine and the treatment of symptoms, for thousands of years more holistic practices have emphasized the importance of focusing on the person as a whole. Modern pioneers of alternative healing techniques, like Louise Hay, have worked to demonstrate the power of our own minds when it comes to our health.

Though different practitioners of holistic healing have different approaches, they share a common principle: like attracts like. When your thoughts, actions, and beliefs come from a place of positivity, growth, and hope, you will attract more of those energies to yourself. But when you latch on to the opposite, you’ll draw in the same negativity.

Whether this is something you actively practice in your life or not, you’ve probably witnessed it in action. Have you ever “woken up on the wrong side of the bed,” grumpy, annoyed, and just generally unhappy with life? Everything that happens after seems to only make your bad mood exponentially worse; even a tiny setback like running out of your favorite coffee makes you feel like the world is out to get you. 

On the other hand, when you wake up refreshed, hopeful, and excited to begin a new day, things just seem to fall into place. Even facing the same coffee setback doesn’t seem too bad; it’s just an opportunity to find a new favorite!

When it comes to our health, the same principle applies. When we believe we will heal, we can. But when we hold on to negative beliefs, such thoughts and energies can manifest as subconscious blocks on our healing journeys. 

Subconscious blocks to healing

It can be difficult to understand the depths of our subconscious blocks because - well, they’re subconscious, after all. You may not even realize you’re holding on to limiting beliefs and placing yourself in a mindset that works against your healing journey. 

But you can work to examine your beliefs, to expose these blocks and reconfigure your mindset to clear your path to healing. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to help guide you through this process: 

  • What will I lose if I heal? It’s easy to list the positive outcomes of healing. But by asking yourself what you stand to lose from healing, you can identify any subconscious fears you’re holding on to. When you can confront those fears and choose healing despite them, you’ll be able to move forward on your journey.
  • Do I trust the process of healing? Healing is all about trust - trust in the medicine or treatment being provided, trust in the people guiding you on your journey, and trust in yourself to make changes and get better. If you don’t trust your process for healing, how can you truly move forward? 
  • Can I see life beyond my healing journey? To continue along your path, you have to believe that there is a path stretching in front of you to walk. Having goals, a vision for your future, and a purpose in life beyond your illness are crucial to stepping into your optimal life.

Do I feel worthy of healing? You may be holding yourself back from healing because deep down, you’re not sure if you deserve to get better. When you stop neglecting your own needs and accept that you are worthy of healing, your path forward will be clear.

Answering these questions can help you become more aware of the subconscious beliefs and thought patterns that are holding you back from healing. Once you are aware of these beliefs, you can begin to address them, reframing how you think to promote beliefs more aligned with your healthcare needs.

Facing our fears

Finally, health challenges often leave us facing fear and uncertainty. But if you take the time to examine the root of those fears, you can gain a better understanding of yourself and begin to clear your path to healing.

So if you’re feeling afraid in the face of a health setback, consider the deeper meaning associated with that fear. For example, maybe you’re afraid of feeling dependent on others, or you’re afraid to accept help. Maybe you’re afraid your health challenges reflect poorly on you as a person or they mean that you’re not a good role model for your kids. Or maybe you’re afraid they will prevent you from following the life path you previously envisioned.

Whatever fear you’re associating with your health challenges, know that the simple act of acknowledging and accepting that fear for what it is can go a long way towards helping you on your healing journey. Remember that fears don’t need to be fixed - they just need to be faced.

Examining and deconstructing your subconscious blocks takes time. But when you can release the fears you’re holding on to and embrace a positive outlook, you’ll begin working with yourself to heal.

Moving forward on your health journey

Part of the challenge in confronting our subconscious beliefs is confronting the way health challenges tend to trap us in the past. A health setback may blindside us, or otherwise leave us feeling like our life has been thrown off course. Naturally, this makes us want to course-correct - to get back to the way things were before.

But everyone on a healing journey must confront a central truth: you can’t go back to the way things were before.

Though we often picture health challenges as battles to be won, reality is not that simple. Even “winning” the battle (recovering from a health setback) doesn’t mean life will go back to the way it was before. The experience of dealing with a health challenge changes you fundamentally. To paraphrase Lewis Carroll, “You can’t go back to yesterday. You were a different person then.”

That can be a scary reality to confront: that no matter what, your healing journey will change you as a person. So, after confronting your subconscious beliefs, there’s one more thing to remind yourself of…

You are already whole

In every way that matters, you are already whole. No matter your fears, your subconscious beliefs, or your illness. You are not broken. You don’t need to search for something to fix you or complete you, because you already have a Wholeness of Spirit that no health challenge could ever touch.

Health challenges are mentally taxing. The fears, anxieties, and insecurities they manifest take a toll on us all. But when you accept this fundamental truth - your Wholeness - you clear your path to healing. Where there once was a crippling fear, there can be a liberating love. Where there was anxiety, there can be peace and understanding. And where there was suffering, there can be joy.

While your Wholeness is inherent to your being, accepting it requires strength. It requires courage and faith, and the willingness to undergo transformation. Remember when we asked you to consider if you felt worthy of healing? That often comes down to accepting that you are already whole. When you accept your Wholeness, you clear the roadblocks on your path to healing.

Opportunity knocks…

It’s easy to let a health challenge paralyze you. To chain you in place and prevent you from moving forward with your life. You picture the battle ahead, and you’re already imagining defeat. When you believe you are stuck, you will be.

But the reverse is also true. When you believe you can move forward, you will. 

Instead of viewing your health challenge as a force to battle against, think of it as an opportunity instead. An opportunity for you to determine what matters most in your life. To remember who you truly are - or who you most want to be - and move confidently in the direction of the life you long for. It’s a chance for you to examine the subconscious thoughts, beliefs, and fears which are holding you back, and to choose to open yourself up to new possibilities instead.

We are what we believe we are - and it’s time to start believing in your future again.

Stop holding yourself back from healing

No matter the health challenge you may face, healing begins with your decision to actively engage with your health. Take our holistic approach to healthcare into your own hands by learning to deconstruct your subconscious blocks, find your purpose, and more with NeuroFlow Foundations. We’ll share exclusive tips and tricks with you for improving your cognitive health, all backed by our years of medical expertise and grounded in our holistic six pillar approach.


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