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Unlock your brain's full potential

Our free guide will help enhance your mental clarity, memory and motivation.

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Worried you’re struggling to keep up mentally?

Whether you’re a young professional dealing with concentration issues, or someone entering their golden years beginning to experience memory loss, the anxiety is the same: No one wants to feel like they can’t rely on their own brain. You’re becoming concerned about cognitive impairment and how it affects your work, your independence, and your overall health, and you’re worried other people will start to notice. Your brain isn’t what it used to be—or what you think it should be—but you’re not sure what to do about it.
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You’re not alone in your cognitive health concerns

Our minds are precious to us, which is why cognitive dysfunction can be so scary.
If you’re experiencing...
• Brain fog
• Trouble concentrating
• Slow mental processing
• Difficulty remembering things
• Anxiety about your current or future cognitive health
… you don’t have to deal with these challenges on your own. We’ve worked with many people just like you, experiencing the same setbacks and the same fear.
And when it comes to your cognitive health, there’s something you should know.

Cognitive decline isn’t inevitable or unavoidable

While many people experience some form of cognitive impairment in their lifetime, cognitive decline isn’t inevitable or unavoidable. Cognitive decline is treatable. Our team of experts have spent years honing their medical skills and exploring holistic treatment modalities to help you combat common symptoms of cognitive decline, including memory loss, brain fog, concentration problems, and more.

At RBI, we believe you’re not broken, and you don’t need to be fixed. But you deserve to optimize your brain’s health, so that you can start living your life to the fullest.

If you’re ready to step into the full and healthy life you deserve, we’re ready to help guide you on your journey.

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Your cognitive health, your way

Whether you're looking for direct, radical change with the 1:1 help of an experienced medical professional, or just searching for assistance making small tweaks to improve your day-to-day brain function, RBI is here to help. We provide two key services to help you reach your full cognitive potential in the way that works best for you.

My RBI Cognitive Journey

A six-month, in-depth individual cognitive healthcare program, customized to your specific needs and rooted in RBI's holistic, integrated six-pillar approach. My RBI Cognitive Journey is intended for individuals looking to make significant changes to their cognitive health.
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NeuroFlow Foundations

A subscription-based service providing you with specific exercises and methods to improve your cognitive health and live your fullest life. NeuroFlow Foundations is intended for individuals who want assistance making simple lifestyle adjustments to promote ongoing brain health.
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Six key ways RBI builds better brains

After years in the medical field, we’ve realized that the healthcare system most often fails its patients when it neglects to examine a comprehensive, integrated picture of their health.

When a person faces healthcare hardship, it’s often the result of a number of interrelated factors—and that means searching for one single solution to “fix” them never truly fixes anything at all.

Instead, patients are forced to hop from one “solution” to the next, growing increasingly frustrated when they don’t see improvement in their health. This rings especially true for people experiencing cognitive issues, since explaining the severity of your foggy brain or concentration problems can be pretty difficult.

RBI takes a holistic approach to cognitive health, integrating six key pillars of wellness to create a more complete and accurate picture of our patient. This allows us to help build better brains, and guide our patients to tap into their optimal lifestyle.

Rest Well

Refresh your mind and body with better quality sleep



Stay Active

Move your body to improve your overall fitness and health

Eat Well

Nourish your body to improve your strength and your self-image


Embrace Stress

Release your tension to decrease anxiety and increase your focus

Discover Purpose

Uncover the opportunity in your setbacks to embrace your whole self and grow

Connect Deeply

Embrace your community for a greater sense of belonging and overall happiness

About Rizvi Brain Institute (RBI)

RBI is family-run clinic of expert healthcare professionals dedicated to reversing cognitive decline and helping people attain optimal cognitive performance. Our doctors are Neurology board certified, as well as certified in Integrative Medicine and Integrative Nutrition. By merging medical expertise, principles of holistic wellness, and a commitment to compassionate care, we help people improve their cognitive health—and their lives—through personalized treatment plans.
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The Five Core Cognitive Domains

What exactly is cognitive health? When RBI talks about helping you optimize your lifestyle, we’re primarily looking at improving these five domains of cognition in your day-to-day life. Learn more about the cognitive domains:

  1. Attention & Focus: Filter distractions and concentrate
  2. Memory: Retain new and recall past information
  3. Language: Find and understand the right words. Express yourself effortlessly.
  4. Processing Speed: Efficiently process and use information
  5. Executive Function: Self-regulate and juggle multiple tasks at once. Plan your future powerfully.

Still have questions about cognitive health?

We’re here for you. Visit our FAQ page to learn more about RBI’s services and how to start optimizing your lifestyle by prioritizing your cognitive health today.

Improving your cognitive health starts today

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Your cognitive health will progress
at your own rate

Cognitive health is a journey, and your path may be rocky. More often than not, you’ll experience some ups and downs. But that’s okay. The important thing is to keep moving. The more we work to understand our brains and what affects them, the more we can learn to identify the north of our compass and move towards our optimal lives as our fullest, healthiest selves.

So, the only question left is… are you ready to begin your journey?
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